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Jennifer Holliday

Jennifer Holliday is a “singer’s singer,” a diva with a voice that can leave an audience absolutely breathless. Whether punctuating a presidential ecumenical service at the White House with a rousing “down-home” gospel hymn or shaking the rafters of a concert hall with a hand-clapping show tune, this lady is at home wherever she performs.

With her superlative skills, soulful artistry, and church-influenced technique, Holliday’s “spine-tingling” hits—“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” and “I Am Changing” from the Broadway Smash Hit “Dreamgirls”—catapulted her to stardom and national recognition, and still bring audiences to their feet.

But things haven’t always gone smoothly. Holliday was in despair for more than ten years before she could admit to herself that she had more than a case of the blues. Now she shares her story of overcoming depression—day by day—and stresses that seeking medical treatment for this common disease is the key to successful recovery. “It’s as if my whole life has started over, and God has shown me how to laugh again, to have fun,” she says. Now a volunteer advocate for the National Mental Health Association, she spreads the message that there is a healing path out of depression’s darkness. Depression, though, isn’t the only challenge she faces with her health. Holliday was diagnosed years ago with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative inflammatory disease causing physical, mental and sometimes psychiatric problems. She now fights back by exercising regularly, meditating and reading.

Jennifer Holliday is arguably one of the greatest voices of the new millennium. “My deepest desire has always been to sing from my heart and to be honest with my truest heartfelt emotions. My song not only speaks from my soul but it also speaks through me to the hearts of those who hear me sing.” Whether advocating for mental health or sharing stories from her career, Holliday is an inspiring speaker who will captivate your audience.


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