The Eyes of the World from D-Day to VE Day – A Symphonic Narrated Journey

Through music, archival photos, video, and a collection of rare American flags that were carried into battle, The Eyes of the World tells the dramatic story of the final eleven months of World War II in Europe through the words and images of Ernest Hemingway, LIFE magazine war photographer Robert Capa, Vogue model-turned photojournalist Lee Miller, and a young soldier named Jerry, who lands on Utah Beach on June 6, 1944. The journeys of these four remarkable figures intersect as they serve as the “eyes for the world” from England, France, Luxembourg, and Germany, while crossing paths with such fascinating characters as Pablo Picasso and Hemingway’s wife, war correspondent Martha Gellhorn.

The Eyes of the World also recounts war experiences of Black Americans, often lost to history: the all-Black 761st Tank Battalion, known as the “Black Panthers,” and the all-Black, all-female, 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion fighting heroically in a segregated army. These breathtaking stories come to life through performances of top Broadway vocalists performing with a 58-piece Orchestra, and arrangements and orchestrations by Hamilton’s Ian Weinberger.

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